Mangrove Connections Mural

The SHINE mural festival in St. Petersburg included the mural called Mangrove Connections, located at 2553 1st Ave North. This interactive mural highlights native mangrove forests and its abundant wildlife. The endangered smalltooth sawfish, the mangrove cuckoo, and a variety of fish species depend on this keystone habitat. Viewers can learn about each species in the mural through the interactive knowledge base on Canvas of the Wild. From there they can connect with ways to help protect local endangered species.

The mural is  collaboration between local artist Kelly Quinn and the Oceanic Preservation Society

 “Art is essential to communicating science to people of all ages and contexts, much like the quote, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words, “ said artist, Kelly Quinn. “Sharks and shark-like relatives have gained a negative stigma thanks to horror movies like Jaws, which paint the picture of mindless killing machines. Today, I seek to tell the story of the gentle nature of endangered smalltooth sawfish and their shark relatives so people may understand and respect these species.”

About the Artist:

Growing up as an artist at the edge of the Everglades headwaters, Kelly is passionate about protecting Florida’s natural ecosystems. She has been developing creative avenues that support environmental education. As the Art Director for Canvas of the Wild, Kelly creates large-scale murals and educational displays, as well as graphics, animations, and book illustrations that communicate science to our community. You can see examples of Kelly’s murals and illustrations at Canvas of the Wild and at Kelly of the Wild

About Oceanic Preservation Society

Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) aims to inspire, empower, and connect a global community using high-impact films and visual storytelling to expose the most critical issues facing our planet.

About ESA AT 50 

In 2023, the 50th anniversary provides a unique, year-long opportunity to build support for the Endangered Species Act and the imperiled species it protects. This anniversary celebrates conservation achievements and highlights conservation needs. It also reminds the public and decisionmakers that the heritage that we share as Americans includes these beloved plants, fish and wildlife. And just as in 1973, an unprecedented coalition of agencies, organizations and nonprofits are coming together to celebrate this conservation legacy.  

Find out more about the coalition, events and activities at

Mangrove Connections Mural by Kelly Quinn

Working on the sawfish part of the Mangrove Connections Mural by Kelly Quinn

Working on the sawfish part of the Mangrove Connections Mural by Kelly Quinn

Finding the Mural

2553 1st Ave North, St. Petersburg


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