Migration: A Natural Act

A collaboration of artists and partners unveiled the first in a series of murals to commemorate the 50th year of the Endangered Species Act on May 19th, 2023 at 3:00 pm in Doña Ana, New Mexico. The event featured a community celebration with creative activities for youth and opportunities to watch the mural in progress. Migration: A Natural Act is a striking portrayal of the natural magnificence of southwestern New Mexico, with a particular focus on its imperiled fauna.

The mural highlights the Boreal Owl, Gila Monster, and two endangered fish species –  the Chihuahua Chub and Roundtail Chub. Migration is a recurring theme of the artwork, with the river symbolizing the innate movement of humans and animals across the landscape. The river depicted in the mural is a potent force, breathing new life into the terrain and restoring its vitality. In the mural’s corners, one can observe the towering cottonwood trees, which are indigenous to the Doña Ana community and serve as a poignant reminder of the region’s rich natural heritage.

“Despite the obstacles faced by the endangered species depicted in the mural, the artwork’s overarching message is one of hope. It conveys that through diligent effort and unwavering commitment, it is conceivable to re-establish equilibrium in the ecosystem and revive the region’s vitality,” said artist Raquel Madrigal. “The mural is a beautiful tribute to the significance of preserving the natural world and its diverse fauna.”

About the Artist

Raquel Madrigal is an interdisciplinary artist with a degree in Fine Arts, who is widely known for her captivating murals, posters and zines that incorporate her unique poetry. Her murals, in particular, have garnered attention for their powerful narrative highlighting the struggles and triumphs of working-class families as well as the endangered species in Southern New Mexico.

About Doña Ana Village Association

The Doña Ana Village Association (DAVA) was founded in 2021 as a result of several community conversations which demonstrated a serious need for community organizing and representation. The Village of Doña Ana is the oldest federally designated Colonia in southern New Mexico, and its representation is limited to legislators and county commissioners. 

The Mural in Progress

Finding the Mural

135 Joe Gutierrez Street, Doña Ana (Las Cruces), New Mexico


Saving Species Through Art in Doña Ana, New Mexico

When people come together, we can save species. Watch this short video of the unveiling of a mural in Doña Ana, New Mexico celebrating 50 years of the Endangered Species


New Mexico Mural Celebrating Biodiversity Unveiled by Local Artists and Partners

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